Cris Is In Crisis

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Cris is in crisis

Cristian Alarcón D.

Multidisciplinary illustrator and graphic designer Cristian Alarcón D, also known by his studio name, emphasises the roles of illustration and design in his multifaceted projects. Predominantly working in the music industry designing gig posters, merchandise graphics and marketing collateral, Cristian creates energetic and dynamic artwork that visualises the unique identity and music of every band he works with. 

Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Alarcón studied Visual Arts at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. He has recently enjoyed working on several notable projects including the tour poster for the British band, The Vaccines, for their UK Tour (2022). He also produced artwork for Black Pumas’ side show in Bogotá, Colombia (2022) and gig poster for British band, The Libertines (2022) as well as illustration and design work for Y Not? Festival (2021, 2022 and 2023).

Crisitian is available for commission upon request.