Cris Is In Crisis


I first  heard about «Black Honey» in late 2020, next thing I started noticing them everywhere else, my insta, spotify… just everywhere else, you name it. 

Not to mention that I really really liked their music and visual aesthetic then, all vintage, retro/sci fi ish(?)

So stoked to say Black Honey and my self made this happen, here’s the official tour poster for Black Honey’s UK Tour 2021.


Meaning behind the poster

I started listening to their music, there was a new album on the way (Written & Directed), oh boy it couldn’t be more perfect. I totally loved the new record as well as the music videos and art direction… End of story.

In a parallel world I thought about a product called «Black Honey» which basically is a SPICY honey called «Fire»… These thoughts and many  more, came to mind when drawing the actual sketch, it all made sense afterwards when the full illustration was nearly done.

I knew about the color scheme I wanted for this one, which honestly is rare as getting a color scheme I’m happy with done for any comercial work is just impossible most the time aha.