Cris Is In Crisis



Brilliamo, risplendiamo entrambi. Brilliamo a modo nostro, brilliamo quando è il nostro momento

Hey everybody Crisis again…

I couldn’t thank you all enough for an amazing year (MMXXII). It was honestly unbelievable, one of the best I’ve ever had since I decided to go down this road. Bands that are my heroes since school decided to jump in and accept the chance to work together, I traveled the world to chase live music and love, I was loved properly and how I deserve for the first time but also I was given huge opportunities, beautiful memories and most importantly I was taught important lessons just as part of life.

Thanks everyone who has been part of this journey, thanks to the bands, artists, management, tour managers, agents, promoters, producers and everyone involved with the music industry whose have believed in my work and me as a person⚡Thanks to those who have supported me and my work by buying my posters, giving me a like, commenting nice things or even sending me really kind and nice warm messages about my work… or just by saying hi. I don’t take any of you for granted and I appreciate all the love.

CRIS.IS.IN.CRISIS (Self-Portrait)